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A network for mutual success!

Models' best placement, advertisers' best talents, best agencies for all.

MBN Models, an integral part of Mere Beauty Network, is a modeling placement agency that sponsors models and supports local agencies nationwide.

Our team of professional agents,  designers, photographers, and beauty professionals provide high-level talent management and model placement solutions that reflect the talents aesthetics and skills with focus on placing the right talent with the right agency and providing the beauty, fashion and film industries with top talents

We make great efforts to ensure a perfect match between the each model's qualifications and the job requirements as specified by our clients.

We offer our clients impressive services based on field-based experience,  complimented by exceptional talents through our network of agencies. We do all the hard work to streamline the process and make sure that you have an excellent experience for both our models and clients.

Along with the media, advertising and business development divisions, the agency has created a platform for models to find the right opportunities for their talents, for businesses to find the best talents available and receive a boutique-style service tailored to their needs, and for modeling, casting and advertising agency to share resources to provide an optimal service to their clients.

Some sections of our website, such as the application form, the educational section, FAQ ..etc., are not available online at this time. They will be available after comprehensive revision to match the new structure of Mere beauty's websites.
Meanwhile, Please use our contact form to sign up, request information, request a service. If you are an existing talent, agency or client, please contact your account manager directly.


Talented, experienced models are available nationwide and in the UK.    

    New Models: Our application form is currently unavailable for public access. Please use the contact form to request access or to receive an electronic or hard copy version.

Agencies Network:

A network of modeling, casting and advertising agencies that partner to provide the best service possible to models and businesses.


Our clients in North America have access to the wide range of services offered by our agency and affiliates. in addition to media, advertising and business management services provided by Mere Beauty Network.





We build our relationships with advertisers, agencies and models on the concept of partnership.


Sharing Ideas

We are very adaptive for  changing trends and circumstances. we welcome all new concepts and ideas and do incorporate them in our workflow whenever possible.



Fashion and Modeling careers

New vacancies continually arise nation wide. Visit the  careers section for more details and to apply now.

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